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Hi, my name is Ralph Dranow. Welcome to my website.

If you’re interested in creating writing that’s poetic and beautiful and want some help doing that, you’ve come to the right place.

As an experienced editor, ghostwriter, writing coach, and widely published poet and writer, I can help you express the poetry and beauty of everyday life through writing, whether you’ve already written something, want to begin writing, or are looking for a writer to write your life story for you.

Now you will be able to express in compelling prose or poetry the deep truths that you’ve longed to give words and shape to for a long time.

If this fits for you, please continue reading.

 Perhaps you feel as if you’ve been living on the surface of your life, which feels humdrum and routine. You sense there’s more to life than material comforts and familiar routines. Consequently, you want to live more in your heart and less in your head, and you want to feel a stronger connection to yourself and to other people.

You’ve always wanted to write about your life in a heart-centered way, which you sense could widen your horizons, helping you discover the poetry and beauty of everyday life.

But ...

  • you’re not writing
  • you feel dissatisfied with what you’ve written, so you feel frustrated, anxious, and lonely
  • you fear that you’re not a good writer
  • and also that if you write honestly about the difficult, painful parts of your life, you’ll feel vulnerable and exposed

 If you choose to work with me on your writing project, there’s a good chance you’ll feel:

  • more joy, more aliveness, a deeper sense of meaning and purpose
  • happier, less anxious and burdened
  • a deeper connection to yourself, to other people, and to Spirit
  • more compassion and empathy, more awareness of the poetry and beauty of everyday life, even during its most difficult, painful moments
  • Another likely result is that you’ll love to write because it helps you go deep inside and connect powerfully with yourself and with other people when you share your writing with them

And you’ll have completed compelling pieces of poetry and/or prose.

It's gratifying to know that the work I do can make a difference for my clients: for example, working with a beginning poet and sharing her excitement when she got her first two poems published; or helping a teenager get into her dream school, a high school for spoken arts; and crafting a personal statement and editing a research paper for a client which helped her get into a PhD program for Christian social workers.



Oakland, CA


Why I Write.  What I Do.

I love stories. They give our lives feeling, shape, and texture. People have been telling each other stories for thousands of years. Stories can celebrate the human spirit, giving us hope, especially in difficult times. They can express awe and wonder at being alive in a vast, mysterious universe. Stories can also allow us to express the pain in our lives, enabling us to feel heard with compassion by ourselves and others. And they can help us puzzle out the meaning of our lives. Almost all of my widely published writing, poetry and prose, has consisted of stories, other people’s and my own.


If you feel frustrated because you have a passionate desire to write stories of some kind but aren’t writing, I can help you get started. I’m a good listener, and after we have a conversation about your writing project, I will coach you, providing guidance and support to help you get past that initial barrier and begin feeling the joy of creation. After that, I can continue coaching you, if needed.

Ralph has the rare gift of teaching; he is the five-star college professor we all wish we had. You can see the love for what he does in his eyes. His warm smile and nurturing feedback helped me get to the essence of my thought, provide self-confidence and motivate me to write more.
— Bethany St. Clair, author of Organizing with Feng Shui: 101 Tips Room by Room

fine tuning/Editing

If you’ve written something deeply felt but sense it could use some fine-tuning, I would be glad to help you with such essentials as clarity, flow, organization, use of evocative detail, etc. Your writing will be more accessible and say clearly and powerfully what you want it to say.
And I can edit what you've written until you feel your project -- poems, memoir, personal essays, nonfiction, or fiction -- is complete.

It was a pleasure working with Ralph. He did a wonderful job cleaning up my manuscript and making it a much better book to read. I learned a lot from him about the process of writing and creating stories. He will be there, guiding and supporting you every step of the way.
— Mary Ann Konarzewski, author of Harvesting the Light: Stories of Love, Wisdom, and Inspiration at the End of Life.


If you have a valuable story that you’ve been longing to tell and are looking for a ghostwriter, someone to write your story for you, I’d love to help you with that.
As a skilled interviewer and listener and widely published writer, I will honor your story, maintaining your unique voice while crafting a compelling narrative.


Ralph was exceptionally helpful in working with me on a book about my husband’s life-threatening illness. He was extremely patient with us during this very emotional time.
I couldn’t have finished the book without him.
— Tammy ring-Gjerde, co-author of Beyond and Back